Tugs & Wheelie Bin Lifters

Electrodrive Powered Bin Trolley

Pictured carrying three wheelie bins.

Electrodrive Tug Tough

Safely tow up to 20 tonnes.

Electrodrive Tug Smart

Safely tow up to 5 tonnes on flat ground or up to 1 tonne on slopes.

Electrodrive Tug Classic

Safely tow up to 3.5 tonnes.

Electrodrive Tug Evo 1T and 2T

Safely tow up to 2 tonnes

Electrodrive Tug Incliner

Safely tow up to 1 tonne on slopes and ramps

Electrodrive Tug Compact

Safely tow up to 500 kg.

LiftMaster Niftylift Bin Lifter

Manual assisted lift, tips 30 kg, up to twice per day, per person.

LiftMaster Universal Bin Lifter

Powered hydraulic lift, tips 250 kg frequently.

LiftMaster Simplicity Plus Bin Lifter

Powered hydraulic lift, tips 150 kg frequently.

LiftMaster Ecolift Bin Lifter

Manual crank operation, tips 50 kg, up to 5 times per day.

LiftMaster Rugged Powered Bin Lifter

Powered hydraulic lift, tips 150 kg, up to 50 times per day. Ideal for construction sites.

LiftMaster Rugged Manual Bin Lifter

Manual hydraulic lift, tips 100 kg, up to 10 times per day, per person. Ideal for construction sites

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