Skate Kits - Heavy Duty

Skate Kits - Heavy DutySuitable for loads up to 60 Tonne

  1. All maximum carrying capacities are based on use on steel surfaces, which withstands the pressure of the chain roller. For safety, the carrying capacities in complete sets are calculated so that 2 Roller Skates could support the full load on uneven surfaces.
  2. The track surface is important for the safe transportation of the load, not the carrying capacity of the Roller Skate. Tiles are unsuitable. Movement on tarmac and concrete is restricted. In these cases it is recommended to put a steel plate on a minimum of 10mm thickness underneath.
  3. Due to the little effort required to overcome the rolling resistance (4-7% of the total load) precautionary measures must be taken for use on inclined surfaces.
ModelCapacitySupport LengthSupport WidthOverall HeightRoller
Measurement tonne mm mm mm mm mm
SKMKIT20H1 20 120 120 108 Ø18 Ø130
SKMKIT30H1 30 120 120 117 Ø24 Ø130
SKMKIT60H1 60 130 130 140 Ø30 Ø150
  • For short variable transport distances.
  • Ideal for use with installation work & movement of heavy loads.
  • Steering handle gives you precise control making it easy to manouevre large machinery or items into tight areas.

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Active Lifting is Quality Assured to ISO 9001 International Standards

Active Lifting is Quality Assured to ISO 9001 International Standards