Drum Storage Enclosure DCDL4


The DCDL4 Drum Storage Enclosure is designed to safely secure up to 4 standard 205 litre drums and provide complete protection against costly and environmentally damaging chemical spills from leaking drums.  The baffled containment area allows the spill bin to be safely moved when full, minimising spillage.

• Fully enclosed spill bin and drum storage enclosure
• Suits up to 4 standard 205 litre drums
• Lockable 180° swinging door for added security
• Top lid with gas struts
• Close spacing support bars allow direct placement of large or small drums
• Drain plug fitted at side of spill bin to empty the containment area
• Forklift accesible base for ease of transporting unit around the work site
• Suitable for storage on pallet racking
• Provides a spill capacity exceeding Australian Standards for ‘portable’ units
• Zinc finish

Drum Storage Enclosure DCDL4


DCDL4 Drum Storage Enclosure
No. of Drums 4
Working Load Limit (WLL) 2000kg
Spill Capacity 245L
Width 1330mm
Depth 1380mm
Height 1400mm
Unit Weight 225kg


Reference should be made to AS1940 and other relevant Australian Standards in regards to the maximum capacity allowed for the storage of flammable, dangerous or combustible liquids and necessary precautions required along with minimum separation distances.
This unit exceeds the minimum spill capacity requirements of a portable bunding unit used for transit storage as per standard AS1940 (Flammable & Combustible Liquids), AS3780 (Corrosive Substances) and AS/NZS 3833 (Dangerous Goods).

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Active Lifting is Quality Assured to ISO 9001 International Standards

Active Lifting is Quality Assured to ISO 9001 International Standards