Crane Drum Rotator DBR40H


The DBR40H Drum Rotator is designed to lift and rotate a 205 litre steel drum 360° by overhead crane or forklift. Rotation of the drum is controlled throughout the operation by the handle driven gearbox which locks the drum in position when the operator stops turning the handle, preventing dangerous and uncontrolled movements.

• Empties a standard 205 litre drum with minimal effort
• For use with either overhead crane of forklift
• Suitable for drum rotation up to chest height
• Rotation carried out via hand wheel
• Belly strap and eccentric lock secures drum in position
• Locking pin prevents accidental release during tipping cycle
• Large worm drive gearbox provides automatic braking
• Can be coupled with the PBO Plastic Barrel Option
• Zinc finish

Plastic Barrel Option (PBO): 
By replacing the standard belly strap, the PBO option allows for plastic drums and barrels, as well as standard steel drums to be handled. The dual woven and chain combination belly straps hold the drum or barrel firmly in position.  The PBO option is suitable for a maximum load of 350kg

Crane Drum Rotator DBR40H

DBR40H Crane Drum Rotator

ModalWorking Load Limit (kg)RotationRotation Shaft CL to Lifting EyeFront Pocket Size (mm)Front Pocket Centres (mm)Unit Weight (kg)
DBR40H 400 360° 810mm 160 x 65mm 615 70
DBR40H-PBO 350 360°   160 x 65mm 615 80

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Active Lifting is Quality Assured to ISO 9001 International Standards

Active Lifting is Quality Assured to ISO 9001 International Standards