Lock-N-Lift Road Plate Lifter


This lifting tool is the industry benchmark for safe and easy handling of road plates, it maximises worker safety due to its revolutionary design. This eliminates the need to ever put a hand, foot or any tooling under a road plate, even during the installation of the weld-in plate.

The Lock-N-Lift Road Plate Lifter is made up of a lifting tool assembly and receiver plate. The receiver plate is welded into the road plate in accordance with the provided weld procedure.

The Lock-N-Lift lifting tool is connected to the receiver weld-in plate and the dovetail connection securely locks into place. The elongated eye makes it possible to connect your lifting chain sling assembly or lifting tackle (hook or shackle) directly for safe lifting.

Townley manufactures under license in accordance with the original patent holders design.


  • Made in Australia with high tensile Australian steel
  • Forged, not cast, ensuring durability and structural integrity with no porosity issues
  • Manufactured under license in accordance with the original design owned by the US-based patent holder
  • NATA tested in accordance with AS4991
  • Rated to 5t with a design factor of 5:1


The Lock-N-Lift Advantage Diagram 1
The Lock-N-Lift Advantage Diagram 2
Lock-N-Lift #800 Road Plate Lifter Animation

The Lock-N-Lift Advantage

 Lock-N-Lift LLC is the foremost expert for dovetail style road plate lifting tools in the industry. We sell ONLY dovetail tools because our customers tell us they are the safest, easiest to use and most reliable lifting tools available. We have the original patent since 1981 and continue to improve on our designs – they are our specialty.


Better Balance and Control of heavy plates resulting from Single Point Center Lifting.
Strength is never compromised by worn out threads.
No trip hazards on plates as weld-in receiver is flush mounted.
Maximum trip hazard protection with #PC500 installed.
No need to ever reach under a plate.

Ease of Use

Road plates can be stacked plate-to-plate.
No need for dunnage between plates.
Fast hook-up of Lifting Tools.
No threads to clean.
No cross-threading ever.
Weld-in Plate welds in from one side only – no need to flip plates.

Proven Reliability

Our Lock-N-Lift tools are rated to lift 3,600 kg 8000 lbs.
They have a 5:1 minimum safety factor.
There are no threads to wear out on lifting tool or receiver.
More than 25,000 tools have been in use since 1981 throughout North America.

Product Code#800
Dimensions76.2mm 3-1/4″L x  57.15mm 2-1/4″ W x 101.6mm 4-3/4″H
MaterialAISI 4340 Chrome Moly Steel
Safe Working Load3.600kg 8,000 pounds
Weight2.1kg 4.6 Pounds
Heat TreatmentNormalize, Quench & Temper
Safety Factor5:1

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Active Lifting is Quality Assured to ISO 9001 International Standards

Active Lifting is Quality Assured to ISO 9001 International Standards