PWB Anchor Glossary

Conditions of Use Cover the parameters, which need to be considered when determining the Safe Working Load of Lifting equipment. These parameters include sling configuration, operating environment, nature of load, duty cycles and the like.

Clevis An integrated part of a lifting component designed for direct connection to a chain that incorporates three features, namely: A fork or yoke integral with the end fitting. A load pin which fits into the link and retains it in the clevis lugs. A retaining mechanism to stop the load pin from falling out.

Deration A reduction in the Working Load Limit (WLL) of a chain (or of a sling or component) with a consequent revision of its Safe Working Load (SWL), due to such factors as how it is used, what it is used for, its surface finish and the work environment.

Maximum Working Load Limit (MWL) The MWL is the maximum load that chain or component may have applied to it in a non-lifting application.

Minimum Break Load (MBL) The MBL is the smallest force which, under particular test conditions, fractures a chain or component. It can be obtained by referring to the appropriate Australian Standard for the particular grade and size in question.

Safety Latch The spring-loaded latch that prevents a hook from being unintentially disconnected.

Safety Factor For lifting equipment this is usually 4:1 Safety factor is calculted thus:

Heat Treatment Herc-Alloy 800 Chain & Fittings do not require periodic heat treatment and must never be heat treated.

Corrosive Conditions Herc-Alloy 800 Chain & Fittings should not be used in acid or other corrosive environments.

Galvanising Herc-Alloy 800 Chain & Fittings must never be hot dipped, mechanically galvanised or electroplated except by PWB Anchor. Hot dipped galvanised slings must always have their working load reduced by 20%.

Heat Conditions

The strength of all chain slings is adversely affected by heat so care must be exercised when using at elevated temperatures.

Where temperatures are likely to be higher than 200°C reductions in the working load limits of Herc-Alloy 800 Slings should be applied. (See table)

Temperature Range °C Up to 200 200-300 300-400
Reduction of WLL while heated Nil 10% 25%

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