PWB Anchor Commonly Asked Questions

PWB Anchor Commonly Asked QuestionsCan I weld Herc-Alloy Chain?

Welding Herc-Alloy Chain or Fittings to another material or trying to join them should NOT be done. Due to the materials and heat-treatment that would be applied during the welding process, this would be detrimental to the product and would adversely compromise its performance.

Can I Galvanise or Plate Herc Alloy Chain?

Herc-Alloy Chain and Fittings must never be hot dipped galvanised, mechanically galvanised or electroplated, except by PWB Anchor. Due to the materials and the heat-treatment processes involved in the manufacture of Grade 80 product, the heat that would transfer to the product during the galvanizing or plating process would be significantly detrimental to the product.

Can I use my HA800 Chain Sling as a Tow Chain?

Yes, providing the Sling is tagged with its WLL (Working Load Limit), you know the load to be towed and that you never exceed the WLL under any circumstances.

How often should I check my Chains?

A Chain Sling should be inspected before each use to ensure it is free from damage and wear. It is important to check chain slings regularly, based on their frequency of use. Authorised PWB Anchor distributors are able to offer an Inspection and Testing service tailored to individual user’s needs.

Can Herc Alloy chain be oiled before storage?

PWB Anchor recommends the “light” oiling of Herc-Alloy chain slings prior to prolonged storage.

Can I use Herc Alloy Chain in a corrosive environment?

Herc-Alloy chains and fittings should not be used in acid or other corrosive environments. Please contact your nearest PWB Anchor Branch for more information.

Can I reeve chain with a Grab Hook?

Yes, however the strength of the chain is reduced by 25%.

Is it possible to purchase Chain Sling Assemblies that have no mechanical joining devises?

PWB Anchor can provide fully welded chain sling assemblies that have no mechanical joining devices. Prices and lead times are available upon request.

Can CAD Files be supplied?

Yes we can provide CAD File drawings upon request.

What is the Australian Standard for Herc-Alloy chain?

Herc-Alloy 800 chain is manufactured to exacting quality control standards and conforms to the mechanical properties of Grade T chain specified in Australian Standard AS2321.

Is there an Australian Standard to cover Herc-Alloy Chain Slings?

Factory assembled Chain Slings are tested and tagged in accordance with AS3775.

What are the markings on chains?

Each manufacturer of chain may mark their chain in a different manner to distinguish its Grade or type. However, most rated lifting chains should at least have its Grade marked at regular link intervals.

How can I tell the difference in the range of PWB Anchor chains?

PWB Anchor manufactures a range of chain in various grades and sizes. Chain manufactured by PWB Anchor is usually marked or stamped with PWB and/or its Grade at regular link intervals.

What’s the difference in using a HA800 Regular Series Oblong Link and a Large Series Oblong Link?

Both types of Oblong Links can be used for Single Leg or 2 Leg applications. The main difference is their physical size which provides versatility in fitment to either large crane hooks or factory hoists.

Can I use a 2 leg HA800 Chain Sling as a Single Leg Chain Sling?

Yes you can, providing the second leg does not interfere with the lift and the sling can only be rated at its Single Leg Working Load Limit (WLL).

On PWB pre-made Grade 80 chain sling assemblies, what is the difference between the two bottom fittings available, the Pinlok Latchlok Hook and the Pinlok Safety Hook?

The Pinlok Latchlok Hook will lock itself when the load is engaged. The Pinlok Safety Hook is a general latch (spring loaded).

What is the difference between a Hammerlok and a Couplok?

Both Hammerlok & Couplok are registered Trademarks of PWB Anchor Limited. They are “basically” the same product and are used as a connecting device in conjunction with Herc Alloy Grade 80 chain and components.

Every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of information contained in this document which supersedes earlier publications, however PWB Anchor Ltd shall not be liable for any loss or damage howsoever caused arising from the application of such information. PWB Anchor Ltd maintains a policy of progress development of products and reserves the right to alter without notice, the specifications shown within this document.

™Herc-Alloy, Hammerlok, Couplok, Max A Lok, Latchlok & Pinlok are trademarks of PWB Anchor Limited. YOKE is a registered trademark of YOKE Industrial Corp used by PWB Anchor Limited with the permission of YOKE Industrial. Dimensions & Masses subject to commercial tolerances & design changes without notice.

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