Titan Builders Hoist TBH230

Titan Builders Hoist TBH230

Electric Builder's Hoist

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Product Usage

The Electric Builder’s Hoist is designed for building sites and various construction workplaces such as warehousing, buildings, storage areas, elevator liftwell maintenance, factories in general, as well as domestic applications.


  • Compact and lightweight design which allows easy mounting.
  • Automatic stop switch to avoid over-winding of the rope.
  • A reverse-winding limit lever.
  • Double safety brake device including an electromagnet brake for instant braking.
  • Operates on single phase 240 volt power supply.
  • 360° universal joint saddle with safety hook.
  • Hand held control pendant with safety switch.
  • Optional mounting arm bracket.
  • Spare parts available

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Titan Specifications

Mounting Bar For Titan Electric Builders Hoist

Operators Instuctions and Warnings

Model Number: TBH230-MB


Capacity: 230kgs(500lbs)
Maximum Rotation Angle: 180 degrees
Minimum Tube Size Clamped: 50.8mm 2"
Weight: 11 kgs(24lbs)
Bracket/Tube Material: Iron
Clamp Material: Alloy
Mounting Bar
Mounting Bar Diagram
Mounting Bar Swing Diagram


  1. DO NOT Exceed the WLL of 230kgs
  2. ONLY USE the Mounting Bar in conjuction with the TBH230 Hoist
  3. Do not Rotate beyond 180 degrees
  4. ALWAYS inspect the Mounting Bar prior to use
  5. Check all fittings and parts to ensure the Bar is still safe to use
  6. ONLY mount on Stable Scaffold Tubing
  7. Take the bar out of service should it become damaged and unsafe
  8. DO NOT use the Mounting Bar for any other purpose other with the TBH
  9. DO NOT lift loads over people.
  10. DO NOT mount the bar upside down
  11. DO NOT rotate the bar by pulling hoist control cable
  12. Keep rotation radius CLEAN of mounting bar

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Active Lifting is Quality Assured to ISO 9001 International Standards

Active Lifting is Quality Assured to ISO 9001 International Standards