TOKU Mini-Mighter TMM140AE



Industrial 140kg - 3 metre lifting height, wire rope lifting device with Emergency Stop - Made in Japan. This is an extremely compact and lightweight lifting product that features an automatic failsafe brake for the highest safety and an emergency stop function - an important OH&S feature!

The unit also allows fast, safe operation and accurate control over the speeds through the pendant valve system located on the unit. The body is made from cast iron ensuring a durable product for the harshest environments. As well as the auto failsafe brake which is automatically activated if air supply is cut (even with throttle still activated), the unit also has an auto-stop feature to stop the unit when maximum travel is reached - a feature other products like this do not have.

The wire rope is automatically spooled inside the unit making it self contained an excellent feature to reduce unwanted "cable hang". We find this product especially suited for use on lathes/milling stations, workshops where continual, repetitive lifting is required. Some of our customers utilise a sling to permit the added height for certain applications.

The units are also used for the repair and maintenance of conveyor systems, and a wide range of applications within the mining, construction and resource industries.

If you have a lifting application that requires fast accurate control, for confined or open spaces or in workshops then look no further - this is the product for you.

TOKU Mini-Mighter TMM140AE Air Hoist with Emergency Stop


Air Cons. (under load) 650 l/min (22.9 cfm)
Body Material Cast Iron
Emergency Stop Yes
Hose Size 9.5 mm
Lifting Capacity 140 kg
Min. Hook Distance 572.8 mm
Underground Mining Suitable No
Weight 10 kg

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Active Lifting is Quality Assured to ISO 9001 International Standards

Active Lifting is Quality Assured to ISO 9001 International Standards