Ninja P4001, P4002  .. Product #: P4001-P4002

Ninja P4001, P4002


P4001 Palm Coated

P4002 3/4 Coated

General Description

Seamless Nylon Machine Knit with HPT Coating

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  • Seamless 15 gauge shell
  • 100% Apparel Grade Nylon
  • Hydropellent Coating provides superior gripping power in wet and dry conditions
  • Lint free
  • Available in sizes XS - XXL


12 Pairs per Packet/120 Pairs per Carton 


  • Light Fabrication
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Construction
  • Automobile Manufacturing
  • White Goods
  • Shipping, Handling
  • General Purpose

Storage and Washing Instructions

Store in a dry, cool environment sheltered from direct light. Wash using warm water and commercial laundry detergent. Washing temperature should not exceed 50°C. Tumble dry on low or no heat. Drying temperature should not exceed 60°C.