Dyneema® Sleeve Dyneema® Sleeve P512 12 inch SleeveP516 16 inch Sleeve       Features Seamless 13 gauge co.. Product #: Dyneema® Sleeve

Dyneema® Sleeve

Dyneema® Sleeve

P512 12 inch Sleeve
P516 16 inch Sleeve

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  • Seamless 13 gauge construction
  • Dyneema® & synthetic fibre shell
  • Cut level 3 as per European Standards
  • Shell colour: Ash
  • Breathable/lint free
  • Silicon free
  • Available in 12 inch and 16 inch


12 Pairs per Packet/144 Pairs per Carton 


  • Glass handling
  • Sheet metal operations
  • Automotive assembly
  • Injection molding operations
  • Electronic and engineering works

Storage and Washing Instructions

Store in a dry, cool environment sheltered from direct light. Wash using warm water and commercial laundry detergent. Washing temperature should not exceed 50°C. Tumble dry on low or no heat. Drying temperature should not exceed 60°C.