The Jumbo Modular System The Jumbo lifting system can be divided into 7 main components: Vacuum Generator Suction Hose .. Product #: The Jumbo Modular System

The Jumbo Modular System

The Jumbo lifting system can be divided into 7 main components:
  1. Vacuum Generator
  2. Suction Hose
  3. Lifting Unit
  4. Control Unit
  5. Vacuum Heads
  6. Accessories
  7. Crane System

1. Vacuum Generator

JumboErgo / JumboSprint
Blower Size35kg45kg65kg110kg140kg200kg300kg
SBM (3.0 kW)        
SBL (4.0 kW)    

The Vacuum Generator for the JumboErgo and JumboSprint range of tube lifters are available in two different sizes.

Both the JumboErgo and the JumboSprint have the same side-channel blower to produce their vacuum.

Features Include:

  • The directly-driven, precision-cast impeller provides a very high level of reliability
  • Integrated exhaust silencer to keep sound levels below 75 dB(A)
  • Includes a preset pressure limiting valve for additional safety
  • Due to no contact surfaces within the blower (unlike vane pumps), maintenance intervals are extended
  • Main pump bearings have a 20,000 hr lubrication service interval
2. Suction Hose

The suction hose is a specially developed wire reinforced PVC hose which has been developed so that it does not contract when under vacuum, yet is flexible to allow free movement of the lifting unit.

The Ø60 mm internal diameter allows lengths of hose of 50 metres with only minimal flow losses making it ideal for long travelling crane systems.

The diameter of the hose also makes it a perfect fit for standard 2″hose fittings and pipe. On request, special hose can be supplied which is used for cold-store facilities.

3. Lifting Unit

Lifting UnitThe Lifting Unit is the component that does all the lifting work. The “Trunk” is a wire and fibre reinforced length of tubing which is compressed and extended as the load is lifted and lowered. The trunk has been specially developed just for this application, and is capable of withstanding up to -0.65 Bar (65%) of vacuum.The Lifting Trunk is available in (8) different diameters (one for each of the different lifting capacities). it is the diameter of the tube which dictates the weight the Vacuum Tube Lifter can lift.

Each trunk comes as a 1700mm lifting stroke as standard. Optional 2100mm lifting stroke available upon request.

Features Include:

  • Lifting Unit is common to both the JumboErgo & the JumboSprint range of lifters
  • Upper low-friction swivel unit capable of 360° rotation
  • Integrated safety valve to prevent dropping of load in the event of power failure
  • Compact construction gives minimal height loss
  • Lifting Tube can be shortened for restrictive operating environments
  • Compressed air lead-through available for custom attachments
4. Control Unit

The design of the Control Unit depends on the type of vacuum tube lifter chosen.

JumboErgo Control Unit Vacuum Jumbo Ergo
JumboSprint Control UnitVacuum Jumbo Sprint
5. Vacuum Heads

Lifting different loads is not just a question of the weight involved, but also selecting the best vacuum head suitable for the load. For both the JumboErgo and JumboSprint range of Vacuum Tube Lifters, a comprehensive range of vacuum heads are available.

Since there are matching suction pads for each of the vacuum lifting units, with their differing lifting capacities, it is possible to assemble an optimum solution for most product handling needs, even if only a small surface area is available.

Standard Range

The following are standard vacuum heads which are available to the JumboErgo & JumboSprint range of Jumbo Vacuum Tube Lifters.

Single Vacuum Head – EG

Single Vacuum Head – EGFor Sealed cardboard boxes, sheets, wooden boxes etc.
Round Vacuum Head – RG
Round Vacuum Head – RGFor Barrels, buckets or stone slabs with rough surfaces.
Double Head – DG
Double Head – DGFor stapled, taped or open boxes. Also for crates, sheets etc. The two suction pads can be positioned along a crossbar.
Sack Vacuum Head – SG
Sack Vacuum Head – SGFor paper and plastic sacks, raw rubber bales, articles sealed in plastic.
Quadruple Head – VG
Quadruple Head – VGFor cardboard boxes, sheets and flexible parts. Suction pads can be adjusted in two directions.
Rectangular Head – LG
Rectangular Head – LGFor pallets, narrow cardboard boxes, beams, girders, square-section tubes, etc.

Don’t see a Vacuum Head that suits?

Years of experience have enabled us to develop a huge variety of custom-built Vacuum Heads for difficult-to-lift products. If we haven’t already built a head for a product similar to yours, then all is required is a sample product, and our Engineers will develop one for you.


If handling requirements are such that different vacuum heads are required for different shaped products, the optional Quick-Change System SWA can be fitted to allow rapid head changes.

The quick change system comprises a bracket which is bolted to the underside of the control handle and a complementing plate which is bolted to each of the required vacuum heads. Changing a head becomes a simple matter of “Lift and twist”.

6. Accessories
Dust Filter STF
Dust Filter STFFor handling dusty objects or sacks. This filter is mounted near the blower, protecting it from damage. A further advantage: easy maintenance with quick change filter cartridge.
Silencer Box SDB
Silencer Box SDBFor installation on the vacuum blower. Reduces the output to only about 65 dB(A).
Explosion-Proof Blower
Explosion-Proof BlowerFor safe operation in areas with potentially explosive gas or dust concentration in the air.
Rotating Unit DE
Rotating Unit DEFor horizontal rotation of the load when items need to be rotated during unstacking (handle remains stationary, load rotates).
Tilting Unit SE
Tilting Unit SEFor tilting the load from the horizontal to the vertical position (90°) or vice versa. Ideal for setting workpieces on their edge.
Hose Cylinder Extension SZV
Hose Cylinder Extension SZVFor access to high-sided boxes, crates, wire-mesh stillages, etc.
7. Crane System

We can also help you choose the right crane system for your particular vacuum lifting application. The two main crane systems that are used for the Jumbo range of vacuum lifters are:

  • Jib and Slewing Cranes
  • Light Capacity Track Cranes

Please contact us for more information.