Paldisc and Palring Turntables PALDiSC ... The ultra-low profile pallet turntable PALDiSC is designed specifically so that the.. Product #: Paldisc Palring Turntables

Paldisc and Palring Turntables

PALDiSC ... The ultra-low profile pallet turntable

PALDiSC is designed specifically so that the pallets can be placed on or removed from the turntable using only a hand pallet truck. The loan can then be rotated to the worker's fingertips with less stretching during the loading or unloading. Less back stress improves work efficiency and reduces risk of injury. With a total height of only 22 mm and with a built-in shallow ramp, PALDiSC offers pallet rotation with 360° access by hand truck without the need for a forklift ... and tests have shown PALDiSC to be the easiest of all so-called low profile turntables. PALDiSC is ideal wherever forklifts are restricted, such as mezzanine floors, hygienic areas in pharmaceutical and food industries, or wherever space is limited.

PALDiSC square edgedPALDiSC square edged
  • Easy to load using a hand pallet truck. At only 22 mm high the PALDiSC is the lowest turntable on the market.
  • Easy to rotate even with 2 tonne load.
  • The compact size of the turntable makes it ideal where space is limited.
Turntable height: 22mm
Turntable diameter: 1100mm
Overall diameter: 1240mm
Total weight: 100kg
Maximum capacity: 2 tonnes


Designed to allow PALDiSC to be relocated using a hand pallet truck only. The lever will lift one edge to allow a pallet truck to be rolled underneath. As the lever is removed, the PALDiSC will then settle on the pallet truck.

Edge Lever

A light lug which can be screwed into the center of the PALDiSC to accept the tip of the forklift tyne. This way the PALDiSC can be quickly and safely relocated.

Tyne Lug


If you load goods onto pallets by hand without a turntable, you may be risking injury and even wasting money. Back injuries cause approximately half of all workers' compensation claims. Many are caused by manual loading. A turntable reduces the stretching required to load a pallet, so the risk of injury is also reduced. It makes loading faster too, improving productivity. Since a turntable can rotate continuously either way, there's no need to waste time walking around the pallet.

When choosing a turntable, the following qualities are important:

  • Ease of turning. Make sure that the turntable was designed to be used by hand, rather than functioning as a swivel for heavy machinery.
  • Robust design. The turntable should be built to last.
  • Ease of relocation. You may wish to move the turntable to different workplaces within your plant. This should be possible without a forklift.
  • Capacity. Consider the loads that the turntable may need to bear. Extra capacity is desirable for flexibility of use.
  • Ease of loading. Determine whether a forklift will always be readily available to load the turntable. If not, you should consider a turntable that can be loaded with a hand pallet truck.
  • Warranty. Turntables carry a 12 month warranty.

PALRING - tough as nails!

1100mm diameter Palring

900mm model diameter Palring

  • Easy to move by hand
  • Maintenance free
  • 2-tonne capacity
  • Made in Australia
  • Two sizes available:
  • 1100mm diameter
  • 900mm diameter
  • Galvanised finish for extra durability
  • Easy to rotate - won't bind or tighten under load
Ring height: 60mm
Ring diameter: 1100mm
Total weight: 26kg
No. of bearings: 10
Maximum capacity: 2 tonnes

The 1100mm model is fitted with carry handles.
The 900mm model has bolt down lugs