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Waste Bin Mover

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Move multiple waste bins safely and efficiently

The Waste Bin Mover is an ideal solution for facilities with large (600 litre +) or multiple waste bins (80-240litre wheelie bins) that need to be regularly moved for emptying. The Waste Bin Mover allows one person to quickly and effortlessly move waste bins to a centralised area - letting the battery powered Electrodrive Tug do all the work. The Waste Bin Mover features an Electrodrive Tug (capacity depending on application) attached directly to your large waste bin or to our Waste Bin Trolley. The Waste Bin Trolley can carry a variety of waste bins and can be customised to suit the needs of your facility.

If you want to reduce the OH&S risk and time your staff are spending on moving waste bins around your facility, then the Waste Bin Mover is the ideal solution for you.

Typical applications: Moving of large bins or multiple wheelie bins to a centralised pick up area.
Typical users: Apartment buildings, schools, sports grounds, hotels, universities, and institutions.

Waste Bin Movers
  • Features Electrodrive Tug and/or Waste Bin TrolleyCustomised solutions to suit your facility (Solutions for 8+ bins)
  • Easily traverses outdoor terrain and weatherproof
  • Electric powered: 24V gel cell batteries, zero emissions
  • Equipment training and servicing programs available
  • Simple to use, no driver's licence required
  • Comprehensive 12 month warranty on all Electrodrive equipment


 1 Tonne Tug2 Bin Mover3 Bin Mover4 Bin Mover
Height 835mm 1400mm 1400mm 1400mm
Length 1490mm (tilter handle down) 2270mm 3110mm 3750mm
Width 610mm 715mm 715mm 715mm
Capacity 1 tonne 460kg 690kg 920kg
Weight 165kg      
Voltage 24V unpowered unpowered unpowered
Range ~10km      

Waste Bin Mover Diagram

Dimensions are a guide, they may vary over time as products improve. Images not to scale.