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Move your heavy loads faster, over long distances, with the Tuggalong by Electrodrive

Move your heavy trolleys or components over long distances with the battery powered Tuggalong by Electrodrive. Designed with longer distances in mind, the Tuggalong incorporates a comfortable cabin for the operator to sit in for a faster ride across large facilities and institutions. The Tuggalong is available with or without weather-proof cab, and converts a difficult operation into an easy to move, effortless assembly with the benefit of motorised power.

The Tuggalong is specially fitted with a goods cage for fast movement of small goods. It has an additional handbrake and motorised brakes, and incorporates all of the features you would expect in an Electrodrive product, including a programmable controller, forward and reverse drive modes, variable speed control, automatic electromagnetic park brakes and emergency brake release. As with all Electrodrive equipment, the Tuggalong comes with a comprehensive 12 month warranty, including parts and labour.

Typical applications include:

  • Movement of trolleys or wheeled objects over long distance which can be prohibitive to pedestrian operator use
  • Movement of goods through tunnels and long distances
  • General maintenance tasks around universities and hospital grounds
  • General tasks around Sporting ArenasTransport around Exhibition Buildings
  • Capacity: 1000kg
  • Suitable for towing trolleys or moving goods over long distances
  • 8km/hr max speed
  • Can be roadworthied on request
  • Equipment training and servicing programs available
  • Quiet, smooth operation with zero emissions
  • Simple to use, no driver's licence required
  • Comprehensive 12 month warranty on all Electrodrive equipment


  • Dimensions: (1000kg GZ)
  • Height: 1100mm
  • Length: 1500mm
  • Width: 800mm
  • Capacity: 1000kg on a 1:12 slope
  • Weight: 235kg
  • Voltage: 24V
  • Range: ~ 15km
Tuggalong Diagram

Dimensions are a guide, they may vary over time as products improve. Images not to scale.