Series 2100 Contractor Lifts Great all around Contractor Lift! Unmatched as a good all around contractor lift, the Series 2100 f.. Product #: Series 2100 Contractor Lifts

Series 2100 Contractor Lifts

Great all around Contractor Lift!

Unmatched as a good all around contractor lift, the Series 2100 features taller mast to reach desired work heights while requiring fewer mast sections. Hence, the 2100 is less expensive and lighter. The base, forks, winch, etc. are the same as the series 2000.

Standard Features

  • 12', 18' & 24' heights (4.0m, 5.6m, & 7.3m)
  • 650 lb capacity (300 kg)
  • Rolls through standard doorways & tail gates
  • Loading Bar - great for overhead cranes
  • Reversible forks
  • Plunger pins for quick readjustment and compact storage
  • No tools needed - no loose parts
  • Variety of attachments
  • Large 7/32" (5.5mm) load cable
  • Lockable, 5" polyurethane casters
  • Load cable feeds inside mast (no more exposed cable just inches away from operator's face)

Standard Features on 2000 & 2100 Lifts

2000 Winch
Sumner-built Winch
Highly reliable, single-speed winch uses idler roller to feed four rollers to feed cable evenly on the drum to avoid cable flats
2100 Reversible Forks
Reversible Forks
By pulling plunger pins, forks can be repositioned for added height or just to get flush with the ceiling.
Lockable 5
Lockable 5" Casters
Hard tread urethane wheels with Delrin® bearings.
Fast Action Stabilizer Legs
Fast Action Stabilizer Legs
Mounted on base top, stabilizer legs fold down with ease and lock in place. The 2118 and 2124 models come with stabilizer legs (optional on models 2010, 2015, and 2112).
Roller Wheels
Roller Wheels
Helps to roll into trucks or vans
Ideal for compact storage
Ideal for compact storage
No tools or loose hardware to worry about. Leg lock mechanism releases with the push of a button and locks in the stored position. Leg rollers allow lift to be wheeled around. Forks remove by pulling plunger pins.
10" Rough Terrain Wheels
Makes loading a truck or van hassle free (optional on Series 2000 Lifts).

Product Models & Specs

Series 2100 Material Lifts

Part No. Description Max Height Lifting Capacity Lift Weight Shipping Weight
Feet Meter Lb. Kg. Lb. Kg. Lb. Kg.
783650 2112 Contractor Lift 13'1" 4.0 650 300.0 252 114.5 287 130.5
783651 2118 Contractor Lift 18'6" 5.6 650 300.0 321 145.9 356 161.8
783652 2124 Contractor Lift 23'11" 7.3 650 300.0 366 166.0 399 181.4


Series 2100 ContractorLift Dimensions 2112 2118 2124
Height - stowed 84.0" 2.13m 84.0" 2.13m 84.0" 2.13m
Length - stowed 34.0" 0.86m 34.0" 0.86m 34.0" 0.86m
Height - operating 84.0" 2.13m 84.0" 2.13m 84.0" 2.13m
Length - operating 62.0" 1.57m 73.0" 1.84m 73.0" 1.84m
Base width 31.25" 0.80m 31.25" 0.80m 31.25" 0.80m
Width with stabilizer legs 74.0" 1.88m 74.0" 1.88m 74.0" 1.88m
Ground clearance 2.5" 6.4cm 2.5" 6.4cm 2.5" 6.4cm
Load height (minimum) 6.0" 15.2cm 6.0" 15.2cm 6.0" 15.2cm
Maximum height (forks down) 11' 1" 3.4m 16' 5" 5.0m 22' 1" 6.7m
Maximum height (forks reversed) 13' 1" 4.0m 18' 6" 5.6m 23' 1" 7.3m

Cable Stay Brake

Each mast and carriage can have a factory installed, gravity actuated safety brake which holds loads in place in the event the cable should go slack.

Pipe Cradle

Pipe Cradle (#783705)

Great for duct pipe or other HVAC applications. Slides over standard forks. Packaged in sets of two.
Pipe Cradle
Boom Carriage

Boom Carriage (#783642)

Ideal for installing pipe or lifting “from the top” applications. Uses four attaching plunger pins and has a 40" (100 cm) reach. Hook has five locations and load capacity decreases the farther out the boom is extended, from 650 lb to 200 lb (300 kg to 90 kg).

Boom Carriage
Fork Extensions
Fork Extensions (#783691)

With the push of a button, forks may be extended from 28" to 42" (71–106 cm). With longer forks, the weight capacity decreases to 200 lb (90 kg) and is clearly shown on the forks when extended. A second button returns the extension for convenient storage inside the forks.

Galvanized Finish

Galvanized Finish (#776270)

Now available in optional galvanized finish!