Motorized Wrapping Turntable The Motorized Wrapping Turntable is a self-contained, portable turntable for wrapping pallets in con.. Product #: Motorized Wrapping Turntable

Motorized Wrapping Turntable

The Motorized Wrapping Turntable is a self-contained, portable turntable for wrapping pallets in conjunction with a manual stretch-wrap dispenser.

This unit is designed to suit low-volume packing/shipping operations which do not warrant the expense of more sophisticated machines. It replaces manual wrapping and the consequences of operator giddiness, and results in a tighter, safer package.

Portability is a major feature of the Motorized Wrapping Turntable. It is fitted with fork pockets, so the machine can be parked in a corner or on a pallet rack when not in use.

Motorized Wrapping TurntablePower supply is connected into a flush-mounted appliance inlet, and the foot-operated switch is stowed in a lockable receptacle in the base of the machine.

The unit drive consists of a ½ HP capacitor-start, capacitor-run motor, coupled to a worm reducer, driving a shaft-mounted driving wheel. The turntable is supported on the driving wheel and three idler wheels. All drive components are housed within the machine base.

A comprehensive User Guide covers all aspects of safety, operation and maintenance.

Motorized Wrapping Turntable is designed in accordance with AS4024.1 1996, ‘Safeguarding of Machinery’.


Dimensions: 1240mm sq x 225mm high
Weight: 180kg
Capacity: 1200kg
Fork Pockets: 190 x 60mm at 825mm Centres
Rotation Speed: approx. 5rpm
Power: 240v, 10amp, single phase

Why Buy One?

  • Australian manufactured, owned and designed
    • Motorized Wrapping Turntable was designed and is manufactured in Australia using local suppliers and staff.
  • Safety
    • No places for fingers to get caught.
    • Everything is self-contained and locked away when not in use.
    • No more dizzy staff from walking around the pallet. 
    • Reduces risk of back injuries and tripping.
    • Designed in accordance with AS4024.1 1996, ‘Safeguarding of Machinery’.
  • Space Saving
    • Eliminates room required to walk around pallet.
    • 3 sides of pallet can be enclosed close to pallet turning circle.
  • Cost
    • A very affordable option for all small businesses.
  • No Installation Costs
    • Just plug it in, remove the footswitch and away you go.
    • No special wiring or floor base required.
  • Portability
    • Built-in fork pockets allow Motorized Wrapping Turntable to be easily moved to where-ever it is needed, and when not in use it can be stored in a corner or on pallet racking.
  • Flexibility
    • Any sized pallet can be used – as pallets can overhang the turntable on all sides. 
  • Very Low Maintenance
    • Very little maintenance required.
  • Efficiency
    • Pallets can be wrapped to a much tighter degree, resulting in a firmly wrapped pallet with less risk of losses or damage during transport. 
  • Compact
    • The total size is only 1240mm sq x 225mm high
info picThe shaded area represents the area saved when using Motorized Wrapping Turntable compared with the area required for manual wrapping.