Drum Clamps ModelPart #Capacity (kg)Drum size (L)Headroom (mm) HSuspension hole Dia (mm)Weight (kg) Ver.. Product #: Drum Clamps

Drum Clamps

Drum Clamps Diagram

ModelPart #Capacity (kg)Drum size (L)Headroom
(mm) H
hole Dia
Vertical Drum Clamp 44274 500 200 152 50 5
Horizontal Drum Clamp 44275 500 200 470 50 5
Vertical Drum Tong 44276 500 200 520 Shackle 14

Three designs are available to provide safe, fast lifting and repositioning of 210 Litre (44 gallon) drums, with or without lids. The drum clamps are available as:

  • Vertical drum clamp (for drums with a lid)
  • Horizontal drum clamp (for drums with a lid)
  • Vertical drum tong (for drums without a lid)
  • Main body made of high tensile steel with welded construction that is resistant to cracks
  • Design factor 5:1
  • Manufactured in accordance with test requirements of AS4991-2004
  • Epoxy painted finish

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