Wheel Track and Ball Transfer Units Wheel Track These versatile wheel tracks can be used in a wide variety of warehousing and materia.. Product #: Conveyors Lemcol 4

Wheel Track and Ball Transfer Units


Wheel Track

These versatile wheel tracks can be used in a wide variety of warehousing and materials handling situations. Available in either standard 75mm or 150mm pitch, they are ideal for use in warehousing shelving for the deep storage of parcels. As the front parcel is removed, the whole line moves up to take its place.
The simple design has a line of conveyor wheels mounted in a 2mm thick pressed steel frame with provision for mounting to any flat surface. The axles are 1/4 BSW x 1 1/2" ZP hex set screw with nyloc nut.
The wheel track utilises the same steel and nylon wheels used in the wheel conveyor, allowing choice depending upon load capacity and operational use.
The standard 3000mm long tracks can be cut to any length to suit specific installations. By using the tracks mounted on Lemcol rigid supports, a mini conveyor can easily be set up to suit all kinds of materials handling situations.

Ball Transfer Units

wheeltraxThese simple, but very adaptable free-rolling units enable operators to transfer most flat objects in any direction on a horizontal plane.
They are especially suited for transferring goods from one conveyor line to another, the movement of boxes of parts around machines, shifting commodities on or off scale-platforms and manipulating heavy steel plates around presses and guillotines.
They also serve as multi-directional switches and transfer stations for heavy flat objects. Where operating conditions are mildly corrosive, the standard steel balls can be replaced with stainless steel balls for greater durability. Please contact your nearest Lemcol representative for further details.