Dry Bulk & Liquid Storage - Silomaster™ Silomaster™ - Dry Bulk & Liquid Storage Central Access Hole Hold down points Eyelet tags R.. Product #: Silomaster

Dry Bulk & Liquid Storage - Silomaster™

Silomaster™ - Dry Bulk & Liquid Storage

  1. Central Access Hole
  2. Hold down points
  3. Eyelet tags
  4. RHS Supports for conical sections
  5. Vertical RHS supports
  6. 2-Way fork channels
  7. Optional side mounted screw lid

Ultimate Volume Storage 5000L, 7500L & 10000L storage silos suitable for Dry Bulk and Liquid Storage or Processing Applications.

  • Rust proof LDPE construction.
  • Remote opening fill hatch.
  • UV protected & weather proof.
  • Colour coding available.


The entirely new Silomaster™ range of Rotomoulded Silos represents the latest advances in Dry Bulk & Liquid Storage.


Exhaustively Engineered and submitted to FEA testing at a range of specific gravities (SG). Silomaster™ silos are available for specified duties up to 1.4 SG.

Durable Construction

A One-Piece tank moulded from UV Stablised, Food Grade MDPE and mounted to a fully Galvanised support structure. Re-locatable For ease of repositioning, the support structure incorporates fork channels which allow the silo to be moved with a minimum 2ton Fork truck when empty. For Static Storage Only.

Silomaster™ Features & Benefits

silomaster features

1. Optional Screw Lid

  • Large 450mm access.
  • Equipped with breather if required.

2. 500mm Fill Hatch

  • Weatherproof, remote opening.
  • Incorporating ‘Taper Seal’.
  • Sprung hinge for closing.

3. 200mm Dry Bulk Outlet

  • Flow Control with custom outlets
  • Non-Jamming.

4. 100mm BSP Liquid Outlet

  • Horizontal Discharge.
  • Universal Connection.
  • Custom Discharges.

SIL5000 Silomaster 5000ltr
SIL7500 Silomaster 7500ltr
SIL10000 Silomaster 10000ltr


Colour Range
  1. Light Gray
  2. Natural
colour range


silomaster benefits