Bunds & Containment Containment with High Chemical Resistance Utilising the High Chemical Resistance of Polyethylen.. Product #: Bunds & Containment

Bunds & Containment

Containment with High Chemical Resistance

round bunds

Utilising the High Chemical Resistance of Polyethylene, this range of Deep Bunds provides for many applications requiring secondary containment of Dangerous Goods.

bunds containment


Common applications include Dispensing & Storage of Hazardous Chemicals, also suitable for the collection of used/contaminated spill control media.
Installation: Bunds are self supportive and simply require placement on a firm flat surface.
Construction: All Round Bunds are constructed entirely from LDPE with no metal components
Outlet: Bunds are supplied complete with a 75mm Outlet and Bung

Rectangular Bunds

High Capacity Rectangular Bund solutions are also available for dispensing & storage applications involving Diesel Fuel, Hypochlorite, Caustics and more. These Bunds can be customised to suit specific applications.

rectangular bund


CodeDescriptionDimensions (mm)Capacity
RB25 Round Bund 1000W x 470H 250ltr
RB50 Round Bund 1200W x 500H 500ltr
RB100 Round Bund 1600W x 600H 1000ltr
RB200 Round Bund 2100W x 600H 2000ltr
RECB65 Rectangular Bund 2750L x 2130W x 1010H 6500ltr

rec bunds sizes

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