Permanent Magnetic Lifter Model: BML Capacity from 100kg to 2 tonne - Complies to AS4991:2004 The Permanent Magnetic Lifter i.. Product #: Permanent Magnetic Lifter

Permanent Magnetic Lifter

Model: BML Capacity from 100kg to 2 tonne - Complies to AS4991:2004

The Permanent Magnetic Lifter is a new concept product for lifting and handling steel plate, pipes, beams and cylindrical work pieces of ferromagnetic materials. The Magnetic Lifters contain a NdFeB permanent magnet, which can generate high holding-power in a magnetic circuit. With the use of a magnetic lifter the need for slings, clamps and special lifting frames can be eliminated. They are compact in design and construction, convenient in operation with a strong holding force, are safe and reliable. These magnetic lifters are widely used for lifting and hoisting in factories, warehouses, on wharves and at transport facilities.


  • Due to the high magnetic properties of the magnetic lifter the relevant size of the unit is smaller compared to other products with the same lifting capacity.
  • As the magnetic lifter is not electrically operated, accidents due to sudden power failure are avoided, the magnetic lifter can also be used outdoors or on site without the need for a power supply.
  • There are ‘V’ slots incorporated into the holding face allowing it to be used to lift pipes or round bar work pieces.
  • The special safety locking mechanism on the handle prevents the magnetic lifter from accidentally being released.
  • The magnetic lifter comes complete with a rated shackle that is stamped with the Working Load Limit (W.L.L.); Test No.; Serial No.; Month and Year of manufacture and the European standard compliance mark (CE).

Complies to AS4991:2004

Permanent Magnetic Lifter Technical Data

Permanent Magnetic Lifter Technical Data


Model No. BML
Rated Capacity* 100kg 300kg 600kg 1t 2t
A mm 28 44 56 88 115
B mm 68 93 118 164 214
C mm 62 92 122 172 230
D mm 44 59 70 100 135
E mm 28 39 44 68 98
K mm 92 164 234 264 380
L mm 50 75 110 137 192
M mm 116 142 178 237 397
N mm 42 59 87 110 150
O mm 31 46 58 95 117
Max. Handle
Turning Force kgf
<4 <8 <8 <16 <16
Net Wt. kg 3 10 24 50 125
* Rated capacity is for flat steel plate only.
chart1BML-010 Rated Capacity 100kg
chart2BML-030 Rated Capacity 300kg
chart3 BML-060 Rated Capacity 600kg
chart4BML-100 Rated Capacity 1tonne
chart5BML-200 Rated Capacity 2 tonne
Warning: The above charts are based on flat ferrous steel plate lifted horizontally.

Warning: Flat steel and cylindrical steel have vastly different rated lifting capacities. For rated lifting capacities of flat steel and cylindrical steel refer to RATED LIFTING CAPACITIES Table below.


Model Horizontal Vertical Cylindrical
Rating Horizontal Rating Verticle Rating Cylindrical Rating
BML-010 100kg 30kg 30kg
BML-030 300kg 100kg 100kg
BML-060 600kg 200kg 200kg
BML-100 1t 300kg 300kg
BML-200 2t 600kg 600kg

Working Temperature -40°C to 80°C

Warning: The above table is based on ferrous steel and must be read in conjunction with Steel Thickness and Air Gap charts opposite

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