Twin-Path Slings The safest slings in the world. Each picture shows a person holding a weight of approximately 2.. Product #: Twin-Path Slings

Twin-Path Slings

The safest slings in the world.

Each picture shows a person holding a weight of approximately 20Kg

This High Strength, Low Weight fibre is the next step in the rigging revolution.

Twin-Path® World Patent Design Safety Features
  • Our Safety Red inner sleeve acts as a an early warning device when the outer sleeve is cut or worn.
  • Our Armor Wear Pads resist cutting and abrasion with a Bullet Proof Kevlar inner Lining to prevent Sling Damage.
  • Our Armor Wear Pads are removable using Velcro or can be sewn directly over sling.
  • Our Covermax outer cover, is 4 times more abrasion resistant than polyester outer covers.
  • Our optic fibre allows for an internal integrity check of the core yarn.
  • Our High performance fibres known as (K-Spec) have 1% elongation at rated capacity. With a high resistance to chemicals, heat and moisture.
  • Our Twin-Path® World Patent design, works like 2 individual slings.


Twin-Path® World Patent Design Safety Features
TWIN-PATH® Slings complies to
AS 4497.1 - 1997
Test Certificates supplied with all slings
Approx Weight
per Mtr Kg
Width of Sling
Color Code Flag Vertical W.W.L
Choke S.W.L Tonne Basket S.W.L
60° S.W.L Tonne 90° S.W.L Tonne 120° S.W.L Tonne
5 .9 75 Red 5 4 10 8.5 7 5
6 1.1 75 Brown 6 4.8 12 10.2 8.4 6
8 1.25 100 Blue 8 6.4 16 13.6 11.2 8
10 1.6 100 Orange 10 8 20 17 14 10
15 2 125 Orange 15 12 30 25.5 21 15
20 2.6 150 Orange 20 16 40 34 28 20
25 3 150 Orange 25 20 50 42.5 35 25
30 3.8 150 Orange 30 24 60 51 42 30
35 4.2 200 Orange 35 28 70 59.5 49 35
40 4.6 200 Orange 40 32 80 68 56 40
45 5.2 200 Orange 45 36 90 76.5 63 45
50 5.6 200 Orange 50 40 100 85 70 50
55 6 250 Orange 55 44 110 93.5 77 55
60 6.5 250 Orange 60 48 120 102 84 60
80 7.0 TBA Orange 80 64 160 136 112 80
100 8.2 TBA Orange 100 80 200 170 140 100

Patent 4,850,629     Larger Tonnage slings available on request.     Safety Factor 7:1

Twin-Path® Patent Design Sling Fittings

These versatile G-Links allow for easy connection of Hooks, Master Links, plus the ability to join 2 slings together when extra length is required.

Safety Factor 5:1
Unit Weight Kg G-Link Rated Cap. Tonnes DO NOT EXCEED
Ring Size
Sling Size Product Code Overall Width Overall Length One G-Link Two G-Link
50mm GL 025 75mm 114mm 1 2.5 16mm 25mm
75mm GL 050 107mm 152mm 1.5 5.0 25mm 25mm
100mm GL 075 133mm 178mm 3 7.5 31mm 31mm
125mm GL150 178mm 28mm 6 15.0 38mm 50mm
150mm GL 250 216mm 292mm 13 25.0 45mm 56mm

When in use it is important the sling sits flat on the Bearing Point.

The connection shown provides the rated capacity of one G-Link.
Use 2 G-Links on each sling to Double the capacity.

When using a choker configuration always use two G-Links as shown, for safety. The opening in each G-Link should face in opposite directions.

Attaching Hooks & Rings
Put the sling through the closed slot and then through the ring hook opening. Then connect it into the open slot.

Twin-Path® Adjustable Bridle Specifications
TPA Code Single Bridal Capacity Tonne
Ring Stock Diameter
Main Hook Area (W)
Ring Area (Length)
TPA 6 2.7 13mm 63mm 63mm
TPA 12 5.4 19mm 75mm 75mm
TPA 20 9 25mm 100mm 100mm
TPA 40 18 38mm 133mm 133mm
TPA 60 27 50mm 178mm 178mm
TPA 90 40.9 57mm 203mm 203mm

Patent No: 4.850.629

The adjustable bridle is used to pick up unbalanced loads evenly. This device, with minimal help from the rigger adjusts the load to the centre of gravity to pick up the load evenly and can be used in 2 and 4 leg configurations.


The Adjustable Bridle needs to be ordered with a Sling as the Sling is manufactured to the Bridal.

Special Twin Path Slings

Polyester Twin-Path® Sling

Beaver Twin-Path® Slings with polyester core fibre can still give you all the unique safety features of the Twin-Path® sling design however there are a few points to consider when using polyester core yarn. They are as follows:


  • The resistance to chemical damage is significantly reduced
  • The resistance to cutting of the core fibres is diminished
  • They are approximately 50% heavier than the high performance K-spec fibres for the same tonnage
  • They have a noticeable difference in the elongation of fibre thus making it difficult to control heavy loads
  • Polyester fibre snaps back when it breaks against K-spec fibre which has no rebound affect
  • Polyester retains moisture which reduces the safe working load of the sling
  • The heat retention is significantly lower than High Performance Fibres


Spark Eater

The polyester slings are ideal for small tonnage lifts and come at a reduced cost due to the above differences in handling, safety and chemical degradation.

Spark Eater

The Twin-Path® Sparkeater Sling provides exceptional thermal stability and can withstand temperatures up to 149°C. As the Sparkeater is inherently non-conductive it prevents stray currents in welding operations from damaging the crane motor, wire rope or crane hoist.

The outer cover is yellow and made from heat resistant material. The inner red cover contrasts with the outer yellow cover for an easy early warning safety alert. These slings are available from I -10 tonne capacity.

Also available is a sparkeater sling with a black outer cover for the entertainment industry, in capacities from 1 to 10 tonne.

Spark Eater

Handling Features

Weight Advantage

K-Spec slings are approximately 80% lighter than comparative steel wire rope and chain slings and 50% lighter than Polyester slings.

Control of Slings

The light soft nature of these slings means the end of dangerous situations where control of the sling is lost. Rigging of even the most awkward loads becomes quick and manageable due to the low weight of Twin-Path® Slings.

Marine Applications

K-Spec does not absorb moisture and is neutrally buoyant. Having a proven history in marine operations, this is the ideal sling for all off-shore and salvage work.

Storage, Retrieval and Salvage

Requirements for large storage areas to handle bulky wire rope slings is finished. Twin-Path® slings
are easily rolled up and shelved after use. Their transport between site couldn't be easier even the largest of slings can easily be tossed in back of a car or van.

Chemical Resistance

Twin-Path® Slings with K-Spec Core Yarn
After exposure to a temperature of between 65'C and 150°C for a period of 6 months Twin-Path®` Slings core yarn has a retention of strength as listed.
Acetic Acid  99%
Age  100%
Ammonium Hydroxide 25%  98%
Clorox  88%
Detergent Solution 10%  100%
Gasoline 99%
Hydrochloric Acid 1 m  99%
Hydraulic Fluid  99%
Hypophosphite Solution 10%  98%
Kerosene  99%
Nitric Acid  88%
Phosphoric Acid 40%  98%
Portland Cement'  95%
Rot & Mildew  100%
Sea Water  99%
Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach)  75%
Sodium Hydroxide 5m 97%
Sulfuric Acid  95%
Sun Light 100%

Cost Efficiencies

Wear Resistant Covermax Outer Cover

This fabric is four times more abrasive resistant than common Nylon or Polyester. For this reason Beaver has chosen it as an outer cover to insure the long life of their slings, which saves the user money.


When you see our safety Red Inner Sleeve due to abrasion or a cut in the outer sleeve the Twin-Path® slings can cost effectively be repaired by the manufacturer using a special procedure. All slings are retested after the repairs are completed.

Reduced Rigging Times

Actual rigging times can be reduced by as much as 80% with significantly reduced labour requirements. Awkward positional rigging jobs are more easily handled with less exposure to danger. These slings have been shown to significantly reduce a workers exposure to possible accidents, in back and work related injuries.

Safety Features

Twin-Path® Patent Design

As the name suggests this sling is constructed using two independent paths each path capable of carrying the rated Working Load Limit. This affords the operator a certain security in the event of an accident, as they can safely lower a load in a controlled manner.

Tell-Tails® Patent Safety Device

This unique safety feature allows for continual monitoring of overload situations. An extension of the core fibre is used and if constantly overloaded the Tell-Tail will retract into the sling and warn the operator the sling should be taken out of service and inspected by the Manufacturer.

Optic Fibres

The only sling in the world to use the latest technology in optic fibre to produce a safety check of the core fibres in the sling. The optic fibre system can alert you to heat exposure, cutting and chemical damage of the core fibre just by shinning a flashlight into one end of the optic fibre.

Remember No light No Lift

The Revolution in Wire Rope Slings

The Tri-Flex®, Gator-FIex™, Gator-Laid™ and Cable-Laid Slings are designed with ease of use in mind.
Each design has special features that either reduce the weight to tonnage ratio, allow close headroom, give greater flexibility or allow a sling to be broken down to produce more slings.

The Tri-Flex® Sling System

This product was developed to provide the rigger with a user friendly wire rope sling. It is a three part sling which is 30% lighter and three times more flexible than a standard wire rope sling. This sling system is a combination of three or nine part Tri-Flex® wire rope slings which are self contained individual slings.When the large lift is finished they can be taken apart on the job to provide smaller slings for everyday lifting operations.

Gator-Flex™ Slings Grommets

The Gator-FIex™ Sling has a completely open construction with no wrapping or sewing to hold the loop together which allows easy visual inspection. The Gator-Flex grommet sling is designed to give the rigger a more flexible sling which can be made shorter in length than the traditional Eye & Eye Wire rope sling yet provides greater lifting capacity.

The special technique used to splice these slings provides an efficiency of 10% of the catalogue breaking strain of the wire rope used.

Gator-Laid™ Slings

The only big lift sling which has an engineered loop to give a 1 / 1 D/d ratio between the pin and the body. The wire ropes in the loop are placed so that the weakest pass around the outside of the strongest. This adds to the bending ratio of the outside wire ropes which increases the D/d ratio of the sling. These loops fit into the pin of a comparable rated shackle because the loop is smaller than the the body diameter of the sling.

These Gator-Flex™, Ultra-FlexTM and Tri-FlexTM slings are being produced in a large
variety from 1 to 1000 tons WLL in a vertical lift.

The Tri-Flex Sling Chart
  One TYIi-Flex® Sling
3 Parts EIP
Three Tri-Flex®' Sling
9 Parts EIP Rope
Nine Tri-Flex® Sling
27 Parts EIP Rope
8 1.32 16 3.7 32 10 64
9 1.6 18 4.6 36 13 72
10 2 20 5.7 40 16 80
11 2.4 22 6.9 44 19.4 88
12 2.9 24 8.3 48 23.2 96
13 3.4 26 9.7 52 27.2 104
14 4 28 11.2 56 31.5 112
16 5.2 32 14.8 64 41.5 128
18 6.7 36 18.9 72 52.9 144
20 8.1 40 22.9 80 64.2 160
22 9.8 44 27.6 88 77.4 176
24 11.7 48 33 96 92.6 192
26 13.9 52 39.1 104 109.6 208
28 16 56 45.2 112 126.6 224
32 20.8 64 58.7 128 164.4 256
36 37.9 72 106.6 144 298.6 288
40 47 80 132.3 160 370.4 320
44 57.6 88 162 176 453.6 352
48 67.2 96 189 192 529.2 384
52 79.2 104 222.7 208 623.7 416
56 91.2 112 256.5 224 718.2 448
60 105.6 120 297 240 831.6 480
Rated Load's are based on using G I570 Fibre Core Wire Rope from 8 to 32 and B1770 Steel Core Wire Rope from 36mm to 60mm
Safety Factor 5:1

Tri-Flex® Sling System US Patent No: 4.043.581