Power Point  .. Product #: Power Point

Power Point


The universal solution for all lifting requirements

  • Suitable for all types of sling systems
  • Optimised design avoids damage to the sling system and the load during turning
  • Robust, die-forged and tempered hook safety catch
  • No protruding hook tip, to catch or foul
  • Made in Germany
  • Component patent protected
  • Free CD-Rom available with CAD drawings of PowerPoint Star and other RUD lifting and lashing products

Improve Safety!       Save Time!


Variations of the powerpointLogoS- Collection

Infinite possibilities:

  • Variations of the - CollectionDouble ball-bearings provide full 360° rotation under load
  • Clear identification of nominal WLL
  • 4:1 design factor
  • Direct clevis mounting of chain legs
  • Cr-Ni-Mo steel, specially heat treated
  • All parts 100% crack detected
  • Max. WLL for each thread size
  • Max. WLL with smallest welding area
  • Variable bolt length available
  • Attractive design