Introducing...The Easy Arm Intelligent Lifting Arm The newest addition to the Gorbel family of Intelligent Assist Device History of the Easy Arm E.. Product #: Introducing - Easy Arm

Introducing...The Easy Arm Intelligent Lifting Arm

The newest addition to the Gorbel family of Intelligent Assist Device

History of the Easy Arm Evolution

  • G-Force Intelligent Lifting Device released 1999 by Gorbel
  • Plant Engineering’s Product of the Year in 2000
  • Product of the Year Finalist in 2002 (BXi unit)
  • Gorbel realised they needed:
    - a low headroom solution
    - a design to reach in/reach around
    - lower cost crane for local handling

    ** Easy Arm concept introduced at Feb. 2003
    US Promat show. Generated a lot of excitement!

Easy Arm

Easy Arm
Easy Arm


The Brains of a G-Force, The Body of a Jib

The Easy Arm combines the precision and speed of the G-Force with the flexibility and maneuverability of an articulating arm.

This combination of precision and flexibility results in an easy to move, cost effective lifting solution that operators will love to use.


Capacity 70 kg (load & tooling)
Maximum Lifting Speed

38 mpm for a 70 kg load;

Standard Span 1.8M and 2.4M and 3M
Standard height Under Hook 1.8M and 2.4M
Degree of Rotation Primary Arm = 370° on all spans.
1.8M span, Secondary Arm = 270°
2.4M and 3M span, Secondary Arm = 315°
Duty Cycle H5 continuous duty

Power Supply

240 V, single phase, 50Hz
G-Force Model BX-based unit, optimized for a cantilevered jib arm

Arm pivots in two places on the boom

Easier access for hard to reach areas
Light weight arm/actuator mounted @ pivot Ease of movement
Tension adjusted at pivot points Control and ease of rotation
G-Force servo-power and software to control lifting device

Precision movement Speed (45mpm)


Levelling adjustment on primary arm Easy levelling/shimming
Wire rope over pulleys Low headroom


Optimised 4-bolt base plate requires no foundation No foundation costs
Low installation costs
Adjustable upper and lower limits Helps operators pinpoint target pick/place heights
Float mode (optional) -- "hands on part" Allows operators to easily orient & manipulate the load


Comes assembled in a box Ease of installation
Added protection during shipment

Safety Features:

  • Anti-recoil Technology – doesn’t recoil with sudden change in load
  • Power loss protection – locks into place in the event of a power loss
  • Capacity overload protection – warning lights indicate when the load exceeds its rated capacity
  • Operator present switch – a safety interlock that prevents movement unless initiated by the operator Non-defeatable

Some Areas of Use

  • Machining applications – metalworking
  • Lightweight assembly applications
  • Automotive / related industries
  • Warehousing
    • Parcels
  • Manufacturing with precision handling


  • Reaching under obstructions/ low headroom applications-wire goes over a pulley on the beam so you don't lose the headroom taken by the G-Force actuator.
  • Reach around obstructions
  • Reach into work cells/doorways
  • Rapid change in direction - you don't have to move the weight of the actuator

Application Tips

1. Avoid Long Spans

Longer Spans = Harder to move - selecting an unnecessarily long span will cause handling problems - The rule here is "Less is More, Don't Over Crane"

2. Avoid High Hook Heights

Higher Hook Height = Less Control of the Load - choose the shortest Height Under Hook possible to avoid excessive pendulum effect.




  • Safetech’s Easy Arm is the perfect solution in areas that are hard to reach
  • The Easy Arm is perfect in low headroom applications
  • The Easy Arm is a cost-effective solution for moving materials in a work cell
  • Very low installation costs
  • Pre-assembled unit can be installed very quickly
  • No foundation is required, so site preparation costs and time are eliminated.