Big Haul™ Wire Rope Hoist Hand Lever Wire Rope Creeper Winch available in 3 model capacities 800kg, 1600kg & 3200kg A versat.. Product #: Big Haul

Big Haul™ Wire Rope Hoist

Hand Lever Wire Rope Creeper Winch

available in 3 model capacities 800kg, 1600kg & 3200kg

A versatile portable and compact winch for pulling, lifting, lowering, spanning, 4WD recovery and securing loads over large distances. Complies to AS1418.2


  • Lightweight, safe and easy to operate.
  • Compact, high strength aluminium alloy housing with smooth contour design, a large flat base surface for increased stability in horizontal and vertical working positions.
  • An overload protection system is built-in with a shearing pin in the forward lever which will shear when approximately 25% overloaded. The broken pins can be replaced without removing the load. Spare pins are located in the operating lever for RVBH08 and in the handle for RVBH16 and RVBH32.
  • Forward and reverse lever placed in tandem, providing a slim compact design for storage and ensuring maximum power transfer.
  • The rope clamp system is easily disengaged with a lever, allowing smooth installation of the wire rope.
  • The Big Haul Creeper Winch comes complete with operating lever and 20m of wire rope mounted on a reel for all models. The wire rope is fitted with a safety latch hook at one end and is tapered at the other end for easy access into the unit.
  • The Big Haul Creeper Winch has a parallel clamping system, which has a large surface contact area, providing an evenly distributed grip at a lower force that results in less rope wear. The system offers a longer rope advance and requires less handle pulling effort, thus increasing operator efficiency.
  • All models are equipped with an anchor bolt that offers numerous connection possibilities with load hooks, wire rope and chain slings.
  • All Big Haul Creeper Winches are tested and have individual serial numbers for easy traceability to a test certificate.
  • Big Haul Creeper Winches are easy to maintain, service and repair.
  • Complies to AS1418.2


RVBH08 430 165 230 60 800 N/A
RVBH16 540 190 300 75 790 1200
RVBH32 660 220 330 110 790 1200


Rated Lifting Capacity 800kg 1600kg 3200kg
Pulling Capacity 1250kg 2500kg 5000kg
Rope advance per full stroke cycle 60mm 60mm 40mm
Effort on handle at rated lifting
capacity; Forward Operation
284kn 412kn 441kn
Diameter of wire rope 8.3mm 11mm 16mm
Standard wire rope length 20mt 20mt 20mt
Factor of safety of wire rope 5 5 5
Nett weight of wire rope and reel 7.5kg 12.0kg 23.5kg
Nett weight without wire rope 6kg 13kg 22kg

Note: For hoisting: A wire rope fitted with a load rated Grade T(80) swivel self locking hook (not included) must be used as indicated in Fig 3.

Big Haul Fig1

Fig 1.
Eye safety sling hook supplied with Models RVBH08 and RVBH16 for pulling purposes

Big Haul Fig2

Fig 2.
Eye self-locking Grade 80 hook supplied with Model RVBH32 for pulling purposes

Big Haul Fig3

Fig 3.
For Hoisting Eye swivel self-locking Grade 80 hook (optional for all models).