Mini Electric Scaffold Hoist Model: B.M.I Single Phase 240V/50HzCode: B.M.I1050 150KgsCode: B.M.I1025 250Kgs Standard Featur.. Product #: Mini Electric Scaffold Hoist

Mini Electric Scaffold Hoist

Model: B.M.I 
Single Phase 240V/50Hz
Code: B.M.I1050 150Kgs
Code: B.M.I1025 250Kgs

Standard Features

  • Single phase 240V/50Hz
  • Compact lightweight design allowing easy mounting
  • Squirrel cage induction motor.
  • Dynamic brake design for both static and dynamic loading.
  • Built in limit switch mechanism that prevents excessive winding (ie. when the wire rope touches the limiting arm, hoist stops automatically). A sensor arm stops the motor from over winding in reverse.
  • Plug in power and pendant cords allowing easy replacement and portability.
  • Ip65 European pendant control C/W Emergency Stop.
  • Plug in 10 metre Pendant cord.
  • Plug in 5 metre power cord.
Scaffold Hoist


Mini Electric hoist is designed with built-in safety features for easy control of lifting in a wide range of applications for construction sites, warehousing, storage areas, factories etc.

 Suspension Arm

MINI Electric Scaffold Hoist - Model Type: BMI - Single Phase 240volt 50Hz C/W European IP65 Pendant 240V control with Emergency Stop.


Code Rated Capacity


Effective Lifting Height


Speed m/min


Hoist Motor Single Phase
Motor Power
Input Power Watts %ED Rope Dia.
Rope Construction Grade of Rope Nett Weight
BMI1015 150 20 15 N/A 780 25 3.8 7 x 19 G1960 min 27
BMI1025 250 20 12 N/A 1200 25 4.2 7 x 19 G1960 min 29
Note: Rated Capacity is based on the last layer of wire rope.
A minimum of five (5) wraps of wire rope around the drum is necessary to support the rated capacity.