Grade L Chain The most effective link from the factory floor to the farm Designed to solve almost any suspending,.. Product #: Grade L Chain

Grade L Chain

The most effective link from the factory floor to the farm

Designed to solve almost any suspending, mooring or fencing challenge, PWB Anchor’s versatile range of Non-Alloy Chain and Fittings has a wide range of uses across industrial, agricultural, marine, hardware and domestic applications.

Standard Features

Wide range of link dimensions from the shortest to the longest formations

Suitable for use across industry, agriculture, marine, hardware and domestic applications

Test certificates available on request for Grade L and Proof Coil Chain

Option of durable hot dip galvanised or economic self-colour finishes


Easy handling

Long product life

High resistance to corrosion

Backed by PWB Anchor, Australia’s undisputed leader in the manufacture and supply of quality chain and fittings

PWB Anchor Grade L Chain

Grade L Chain Diagram

Manufactured in Australia, in a short link configuration meeting the requirements of Australian Standard AS2321, PWB Anchor Grade L Chain is the highest quality lower tensile steel available for lifting purposes with a Design Factor of 5:1.

PWB Anchor Grade L Chain is also recommended for use in Fathom Chain and mooring applications and is now available with an increased Maximum Working Load (MWL) based on Design Factor of 4:1.

 Design Factor 
Chain Size WLL MWL S


F Self-colour Galvanised Link Marking
(mm) (tonnes) (tonnes) (mm) (mm) (mm) Part No Metres/100kg Part No Metres/100kg  
6 0.40 0.50 6.3 18.8 21.6 40073 116.0 40074 110.0 PWB-L
8 0.64 0.80 8.0 23.8 27.0 40075 71.4 40076 67.8 PWB-L
10 1.00 1.26 10.0 29.8 34.3 40077 45.4 40078 43.2 PWB-L
13 1.70 2.10 12.7 38.0 43.0 40079 29.6 40080 27.8 PWB-L
16 2.58 3.20 16.0 47.8 54.9 40081 17.8 40082 17.5 PWB-L
20 4.03 5.00 20.0 59.2 68.5 40083 11.3 40084 11.1 PWB-L
22 5.06 6.30 22.0 64.9 77.0 40085 9.5 40086 9.2 PWB-L

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