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Advantages of RUD VIP-Lifting Chain in Special Quality


  • Safe WLL up to 30 % compared with the highest existing quality Grade 8… offered in the same chain diameter.
  • Distinct fluorescent PINK powder coating and identification stamp »VIP« on every chain link and component. Eliminates confusion with other quality classes. The surface quality corresponds to a zinc phoshated finish to ensure longer lifetime.
  • The chain diameters VIP 16, VIP 20 and VIP 22 mm in VIP special quality are replacing the diameters 18, 22 and 26 mm in Grade 8. One chain size smaller can be used therefore reduced handling weight.
  • idTagsIdentification tag with multi function: Easy examination of the three wear areas for sling chains (wear of diameter, elongation caused by overloading) by the shape of the patented identification tag. The inspection data can be documented on the tag.
  • Chain ColouredHeat indicator: The pink powder coating changes its colour when being used at temperatures above 200°C (392°F). If the chain is heated above 400°C (752°F) the colour is deep black showing bubbles and should be taken out of service.
  • Chain sizes ranging WLL from Ø 4mm to Ø 22mm. From 630 kg to 20000 kg, in 1-leg application. Up to 56400 kg in 4-leg application.
  • Master link selection for every crane hook: The chain connecting link is attached to corresponding master link in a permanent, but flexible way. With the fool-proof fork head connection it is always assured that only the correct VIP chain can be connected. The assortment ranges from the smallest size of VBK-link for hoist hooks up to 50 t crane hooks B = 10" (B = 250mm) for 1- to 4-leg application.
  • The patented multi shortening claw VMVK can be fitted on the chain leg at any position. No additional chain- and coupling elements are required. A robust safety bolt with spring bearing prevents from accidental loosening of the chain in loaded as well as in unloaded condition. Ideal chain link shaped pocket support – Thus no reduction in WLL!
  • VIP Cobra hook VCGH: The weak points of the common clevis hooks have been eliminated. No protruding tip of the hook. Forged safety latch engages in the tip of the hook, therefore protected against lateral bending and also assures 100% safe WLL. Triple coiled 2 leg corrosion protected spring. Thickened tip of the hook protects against misuse. Wearing edges on both sides protect against wear when hauling the chain assemblies. Gauge marks for measuring the opening of the hook


VIP indentification is stamped on every chain link.
Chains stamped VIP are manufactured with tighter tolerances in the inner width. Also they are permanently powder coated with a fluorescent pink colour. A foolproof chain connection is ensured due to the special fork head design.

symbol8S BG-Approval (German Statutory Authority) The BG awarded for the RUD Special Quality VIP is stamped in short distances on the chain links. H1 indicates manufacturer's number. 1 = RUD. 8S means special quality, higher than quality grade 8.

dia2Quality Verification
At regular intervals chains are stamped with the serial number and the batch number. This identification guarantees a continuous record of manufacturing and proof data, for a period of 10 years. We guarantee our VIP-Quality.

Overheating indication
The special fluorescent pink powder coating permanently changes colour at increased temperatures. Colour black signifies an application at more than 400° C (716° F). Further use is then prohibited.

The high quality VIP chains and components have a Duplex surface protection. Due to the two stages, i.e. pretreatment and pink powder coating, a considerably better surface protection is obtained compared to normal zinc plating.

rainOn request the super corrosion coating Corrud® DS can be supplied. This coating is 20 times more red rust resistant than zinc plating.

Geometric construction and tolerances of VIP-chains are adapted to a higher quality class.

The high-dynamic strength of the VIP Mecano and the VIPchains are beyond the standard values. (min. number of cycles: 20.000). The upper load of the VIP- components is 1.5 times the VIP-WLL.

idTagSimple examination of the chain condition (wear and elongation) can be undertaken using the VIP-identification tag.

VIP-Special Quality is a further development of the RUD-Mecano Quality Grade 8, which has been well established for more than 20 years. VIP = verwechslungsfrei = V = fool-proof / I = in / P = pink.

Higher WLL: up to 30 % more than the highest existing quality Grade 8. Material: CrNiMo-special steel, special quenching and tempering, high toughness, min. ultimate elongation for natural black > 25%, surface treated > 20%. Less sensitive to notching and hydrogen embrittlement than quality Grade 8. The bending test acc. to standard specifications of DIN 5687-8 or EN 818-2, ben-ding min. f = 0.8 X d, is far exceeded. WLL: manufacturing proof load:breaking force = 1:2,5:4.

chainsOwing to a special heat treatment developed by RUD, highdynamic RUD VIP- chains are more insensitive to external mechanical wear friction and to damage. Therefore a longer lifetime of VIP- chain is guaranteed.

osilAll RUD-VIP components are electromagnetically crack detected to ensure even greater safety.
For chain sizes bigger than Ø 18mm one size smaller can be used for the same WLL.



pinkcrainExample applicationThe RUD fork head system, well-established for decades, continues in the new VIP program (verwechslungsfrei = foolproof in pink). The RUD fork head system results from its dimensional adjustment and colour (VIP chains and components in pink) in foolproof connection of the correct nominal VIP chain size.

Dim. X avoids connection of a larger VIP- chain. VIP-stamped chains are manufactured with tighter tolerances in the inner width (dim. W1). Dim. Y avoids the connection of the next smaller VIP-chain.

Only VIP chains and components having the same working load can be used.

mecanoVIP-Foolproof assembly in mecano system

Patented: VG-bolt of a smaller size will drop out. dia1

Hammer in tensioning sleeve so that the slot of the tens ioning sleeve can be seen from the front. Use tensioning sleeve only once!

Please note: VIP-chains 8S can only be connected with VIP-components 8S.
VIP-components must not be connected with chains of lower quality classes! Use only original VIPcomponents!


Chain ColouredVIP Overheating Indication EURO Patent EP 677681
The special fluorescent pink powder coating permanently highlights the maximum temperature at which the VIP-chain has been used. The pink colour changes to black when the chain is used at more than 400° C (forbidden). Coating starts to bubble. Replace VIP-chains or return them to supplier for repair.



A thorough examination of the chain slings should be carried out by a competent person at intervals in accordance with national legal requirements, but not exceeding twelve months.

This interval should be less where deemed necessary in the light of service conditions. Recommendation in Germany is the electromagnetically crack test.

maintenance3maintenance2 Visual testing: Reveal any exterior defects, such as bent chain links, twisted chain links, or chain links with notches. Examination of the components, correct fitting as well as completeness and efficiency of safety devices.

 Examination of wear and lengthening: 
1. Examine wear of diameter
2. Examine plastic elongation caused by overloading
3. Examine pitch elongation due to wear in the diam. Simple testing with VIP-testing gauge.

 Accessories: Lifting hooks must be replaced when the opening of the mouth is deformed more than 10%, and also if the hook is worn more than 5%, or if it shows deep notches. Maximum permitted wear of VG-Bolt diam. –10%. Same applies for lateral bending of the hook. When exchanging components use new load and retaining pins.

 Do not use chains over sharp edges.
Sharp edge: radius of edges < chain diam.
 20% reduction in capacity, otherwise use next larger chain, or use edge protection.
 Chains must be free of knots.  Use appropriate shortening component.
 Do not use twisted chains  Use a swivel or shortening component.
 Master links must be moveable in the crane hook.  Therefore use special master links in special dimensions VSAK.
 In case of unsymmetrical load, pay attention to reduced WLL  refer to tables.
 Consider possible influence of temperature  refer to working load table.
 Apply the load to hook on the bottom and not at the top  It is reasonable to use special hooks, which are designed and proved correspondingly
 Avoid shock loading  If this is not possible, use next larger chain diam.

VIP-chains and VIP-components must not be used in aggressive chemicals and acids.
Surface treatments may only be effected by the manufacturer. Consider influence of temperatures.

We do not assume responsibility for damage, caused by ignoring these standards, specifications and instructions mentioned above! The following specifications have to be strictly observed: DIN 685, EN 818, UVV-VBG 9a