3G Industrial Chain Block - 3 tonne Capacity The latest range of colour coded 3G Industrial Chain Blocks from Active Lifting offer you a new syst.. Product #: 3G Industrial Chain Block - 3 tonne Capacity

3G Industrial Chain Block - 3 tonne Capacity

The latest range of colour coded 3G Industrial Chain Blocks from Active Lifting offer you a new system of identification for hoisting and lifting that makes choosing the correct capacity block much easier and safer.

This is particularly important when working in harsh or muddy environments where rated capacity 'ID' plates on this type of equipment can become obscured or severely damaged.

Our 3G Industrial Chain Blocks are ideally suited to applications in the mining, construction, engineering and logging industries.

The colours in this range have been matched to those used for synthetic lifting slings to ensure a standardising of colours for lifting products in the capacity needed to be used.


  • The 3G Industrial Chain Block has improved design features to ensure full protection of the vital gears, shafts and bearings.
  • The side covers are made from reinforced heavy duty steel.
  • The load chain is calibrated alloy Grade T(80) material which guarantees safety when lifting loads, and the chain is marked according to AS1418.2.
  • The industrial strength bearings ensure minimum lifting effort even under full load.
  • Hand chain is supplied electro-galvanised (silver) finish.
  • Superior Weston type friction braking system with high strength twin pawls for additional safety.
  • Roller chain guides top and bottom to help eliminate tangling and jamming of the load chain, ensuring trouble-free service.
  • Revised design ball bearing retention system on top and bottom hooks to ensure a safe coupling. Both hooks swivel and are complete with safety catches.
  • Traceability of each 3G Chain Block is by means of an individual serial number, which co-relates directly to the test certificate.
  • Each 3G Chain Block is individually tested to its rated capacity and is supplied with a test certificate.
  • 'ID' plates and rivets are supplied in stainless steel material in order to avoid dangerous sparking.
  • Yellow plastic Safety and Warning cylinder supplied with all Chain Blocks.
  • A comprehensive range of spare parts are available, complete with full repair facilities and re-testing to NATA specifications.
  • Complies with AS1418.2
Product Code 500303M
Rated Capacity 3 tonne
Colour Code Yellow
Standard Lift
Falls of Chain
Efforts to lift full load
Net Weight
Hand Chain Overhauled
to lift load one metre
Load Chain diameter
             Clearance Dimensions
A (Headroom)
B (Width)
C (Depth) 155
D (Diameter) 185
Hook opening (upper) 39
Hook opening (lower) 39

3G Chain Block 3 Tonne Diagram


Note: In addition to standard 3 and 6 metre lifts other chain lengths are available on request.