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New Generation 3G Industrial Chain Lever Block - 500kg Capacity


New Generation 3G Industrial Chain Lever Block - 500kg Capacity


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The latest range of colour coded 3G Industrial Chain Lever Blocks from Active Lifting offer you a new system of identification for hoisting and lifting that makes choosing the correct capacity block much easier and safer.


This is particularly important when working in harsh or muddy environments where rated capacity 'ID' plates on this type of equipment can become obscured or severely damaged.


Our 3G Industrial Chain Lever Blocks are ideally suited to applications in the mining, construction, engineering and logging industries.


The colours in this range have been matched to those used for synthetic lifting slings to ensure a standardising of colours for lifting products in the capacity needed to be used.


  • The 3G Industrial Chain Lever Block mechanism and gears are enclosed in a robust all steel compact shell.
  • The load chain is made of high resistance, alloy steel Grade T(80), black finish, heat treated and calibrated.
  • Weather protected automatic Weston brake that works with load pressure that incorporates twin pawls for added safety.
  • All gears and shafts run on roller bearings.
  • The short arm lever and the particular gear ratio allows minimum effort to raise maximum load with maximum security.
  • Free wheeling gear system.
  • Top and bottom hooks swivel and come complete with safety catches.
  • Traceability of each 3G Industrial Chain Lever Block is by means of an individual serial number, which is stamped on the identification side plate - this number relates directly to a test certificate.
  • Every 3G Industrial Chain Lever Block is operationally tested to its rated capacity and is supplied with a test certificate.
  • 'ID' plates and rivets are supplied in stainless steel material in order to avoid dangerous sparking.
  • A comprehensive range of spare parts are available, complete with full repair facilities and re-testing to NATA specifications.
  • Complies with AS1418.2
Product Code 504050M
Rated Capacity 500kg
Colour Code White
Standard Lift
M 1.5m
Test Load
kN 7.3
H mm 305
Effort on lever to lift full load
N 340
No. of load chain falls
- 1
Diameter of load chain
mm 5
Length of lever handle
D mm 288
Dimensions mm
A 110
B 80
C 122
E 23
Net Weight
kg 4.5


New Generationi Chain Lever Block 500kg Capacity

Note: In addition to standard lifts other chain lengths are available on request.


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